Friday, September 12, 2008

With a Flourish Articles

I'm working on the first of a series of 12 articles for, talking about the wedding planning process from beginning to end. The first article will be about the first vendors that normally get booked (photographer & venue). If you have any questions about planning a wedding that I could address in the next 12 articles, please comment below or email me. I'm talking vendors, ettiquette, budget, tips, anything you can think of!

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Sonya said...

Hi, Jessica!

Just happened to google you tonight and the first thing to come up on you was from Nice site, nice cards. You're doing a fabulous job of branding. Although we've moved away from weddings, we do a couple each year on referral. Rod does amazing work, but we just want to save our Saturdays and summers for our family now that we have one of our kids in school. So, any that we do pay us well...anyways, here's something you've probably never heard of. Someone who is planning to get married next year some time, is coming to Eve Studios in part, to get used to being in front of the camera. It will be interesting to see how her confidence builds after her session. It's really important for brides to feel good about themselves, don't you think?

All the best with your business! If there's anything we can do for you, let us know!