Friday, October 3, 2008

Homemade Paper

I love to hear about the ideas that people come up with to personalize their wedding. Everyone seems to think of a different way that they can customize the event, or a project that they would like to try out. In a webcam meeting with clients a couple of days ago, Andy, the groom said that he plans to make the invitations, starting with making the paper. He will be making pulp by recycling paper - which is a big job, and even bigger considering he has not made paper since elementary school! I love this idea - a unique, custom product and eco-friendly! I suggested he check out Botanical Paperworks for ideas to get him started - on their website they have an article about the basics of papermaking, and supplies that regular people can purchase to make their own paper (including the kit shown at the top of this post). Check it out by clicking here.  And if you're not into making your own paper, will get you to their homepage. Have you made paper? Leave a comment and share about your experience!

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Heidi Reimer-Epp [Botanical PaperWorks] said...

Hi Jess - thanks for mentioning Botanical PaperWorks! Hope all is well with your family and your business. Best wishes, Heidi