Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things I love - California

I am an avid blog reader. I love to see new trends in weddings around the world. Here is a compilation of my favourite blogs, website, and ideas coming from CALIFORNIA.

I love the urban feel of this venue, created by Fresh Events:

This centrepiece has a simple, modern look created by Soulflower Floral Design:

I can only imagine how long it would take to create this stunning peacock cake by Sweet Gems:

Here in Manitoba we have the heavy-duty tents that keep out snow, rain, hot sun, cool nights, and mosquitoes. In California, it's all about the sheer fabric, adding a bit of romance and sun protection. This photo was taken by Jasmine Star. Curtis Moore introduced me to the Jasmine Star blog back in Spring, and I've been reading it ever since:

My favourite California trend that we haven't embraced here (yet) is lounge furniture. I love the light, clean look of this space by SillaPere Events (an eco-friendly event management company):

More lounge furniture, these photos were taken by Jasmine Star:
Check back next week for another dose of international wedding inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I often wish we lived in a warmer climate so we could pull off some of the stunning ideas you have posted here.

I love the lounge furniture idea.


Yoko Chapman said...

I never seem to get tired of peacocks, even with my bird phobia:)

Crystal said...

Have you been down to the studios in the exchange yet? Their reception are has a lounge area set up and it's beautiful. It's not so light, the colors are darker, but it suits the space perfectly.