Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things I love - Toronto

It's time for part two of my "Things I Love" series. Here are some of my favourite wedding ideas coming from Toronto:

Less is more: I love the minimalist flower design above, and the simplicity of the design below, both coming from Events in Bloom.

More is more: The luxurious draping and tall flower displays layering white on white create a timeless atmosphere by Rachel A. Clingen Wedding Design.

These record "placemats" are a quirky and fun way to personalize a table from Designing Trendz.

Cake Opera is one of my very favourite Cake Decorators. I am in awe of the amount of time and creativity that goes in to each and every cake. The photo above and two below are from Cake Opera...and yes, the shoe is make of cake:)

Mirrors were the trend in table design a few years ago - they sat in the middle of the table and the centrepiece was placed on top of the mirror. Now, mirrors in wedding decor have been updated - these mirrored vases are all about vintage glamour! (also from Design Trendz).

This is my absolute favourite look from Toronto, and it is also by Design Trendz. The greens and yellows are stylish and organic, and the whole room looks bright and cozy. I love the green lighting on the fabric walls, and especially the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

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Crystal said...

I write with Leesa (Events in Bloom) at - she's always full of really great new ideas!