Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creating an Eco-Friendly Wedding Business

Event coordination is a job that I thought about for a few years, but it didn't all come together until the eco-friendly and fair trade element became part of the business plan. I love weddings and events but I couldn't imagine putting together a huge elaborate wedding and then having everything thrown away. My business had to reflect my values, and when the idea of a globally minded event came to me through a project that I had to do for my wedding planning certification, I couldn't let it go. After talking to friends and strangers about the idea of a green wedding and hearing fantastic response, I knew that I wanted to get started sooner rather than later.

There are two components and unfortunately, they are different: Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade. There are eco-friendly companies that are not fair trade, and there are fair trade companies that are not eco friendly. In my mind, these two things had to be present together. Eco-Friendly means using products that are easier on the earth - that don't get shipped here from far away, that are made from local materials, that are vintage, etc. Fair trade means making sure that the products that I use were made by people that were paid a fair wage to make them. So, Nicole, who came up with my business name also suggested the tag line "globally minded event management." And that was the day that my ideas all came together and the whole dream of a little event management company with a big heart for the world, really took root.

So now, myself and my team guide clients through the confusing world of weddings and events, and help them to make decisions that are globally minded because honestly, I believe that most people try to live in ways that are beneficial to the earth and it's people and this can be extended to all of lifes big events. I love coming up with new and creative ideas to decorate and plan events that are earth-friendly and spectacular. And by the way, globally minded events are no less elaborate or fantastic then other events, the design process simply happens in a different way.

I've had a crazy number of blog readers over the past several days, so I wanted to give a bit of an overview of how this company came to exist and what we offer. Feel free to post questions or send me an email for more details on With a Flourish and how we can help you with your next event.

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