Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Family is on Vacation

This past week, my family has been on vacation in Pinawa Manitoba, house/dog sitting for friends who are away on their summer vacation. We've been enjoying the beach, taking Vivian the dog for a swim, sipping tea on the deck and all of the musical instruments that are in this house. Our friends and their daughter came out for the weekend and we went to this suspension bridge: (photo from

I've been working pretty well normal work hours this week, and I am excited to take two full days off this weekend and just play. I know that coming home will bring a lot of work on 3 fabulous weddings that I have coming up and packing up our apartment because we are moving across Winnipeg on August 1st. I love my job and I am excited to get back into it, but I love Sam and Miles even more and I am happy to be relaxing with them!
We pulled this broom out of the suitcase on Monday morning. Since then Miles has slept with it, brought it in the car and to the grocery store, and swept every place we've been to including the restaurant we bought supper at. Thanks Auntie Char!

We don't have a yard at home so this was pretty exciting:

Because I know everyone wants to know what I look like through a screen door:

And finally, Vivian:

The only downside to being in Pinawa is that it does not have these two things which I am really craving...

...and should have picked up yesterday while I was in Winnipeg for meetings. Another upside is that juice is almost as expensive as wine, which of course justifies buying wine:)

Happy weekend everyone! I hope to be back to normal wedding blogging next week:)

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