Friday, August 14, 2009

With a Flourish - Happy Friday!

This has been a very very good birthday week for With a Flourish, with a few solid inquiries and great meetings. On Monday afternoon I drew up a list of goals for year 2, and one of the goals was to be written up online. Well I didn't realize it until yesterday, but on Monday Liz of Liz Fosdick Weddings & Events did just that on her blog! Thanks Liz - this was definitely the icing on my birthday cake:) Liz keeps a really unique blog highlighting local (Victoria, BC is local for her) businesses, DIY projects and links to the best of weddings from around the internet. Please read her blog, and read it when you have time on your hands! I now have a list of craft projects I would love to do, and a load of laundry that I should have had in the washer a long time ago!

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Liz Fosdick said...

Wow, thanks Jess! I appreciate the shout-out :)