Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writing Thank You Cards After Your Wedding

This week, I received a wonderful thank you note from a wedding that I attended as guest. The note was sweet and personal and clearly written thoughtfully. It is a rare treat to receive such a thank you card. Over the past few years I have received some really well done thank you cards, and some really poorly done thank you cards. I realize that couples want to save time, and I definitely understand that there are a lot of cards to write after a wedding, so here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1). Write the card right after you receive the gift. If gifts come in the mail before the wedding, write the thank you cards right away. This way you won't forget to do it, and it will cut down on the number of cards you write after the wedding.

2). Send the card within three months of receiving the gift. Earlier is better, but later is not allowed:)

3). Split the work. The groom can write some of the thank you cards, too. It's weird for the bride to write a thank you card to her husband's friend from high school that she has never met and who gave a power drill as a gift, anyway.

4). Make it personal. No typed thank you cards, and especially do not type your names. Someone has generously given you a wonderful gift - at bare minimum you can sign your own name on the card.

5). Include a sentence that directly relates to the gift. For example, if you received towels, write down that they perfectly match your bathroom. If you received money as a gift, write what you will put it towards such as a new house, or a trip.

6). Pace yourself. Write a few thank you cards a night until they are finished.

A sample thank you card:

Dear Aunt Jane and Uncle Joe,

It was wonderful to see you at the wedding! It has been far too long. Thank you for the wonderful crystal vase. It has been on our dining room table since the wedding, as it looks beautiful with or without flowers in it! We hope to take a trip your way in November, and will be in touch to hopefully get together.

Thanks again,

Melissa and John

Happy thank you card writing, and happy weekend! I've got a great wedding to share next week.

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Sweet Pea said...

THANK YOU for stressing the importance of a hand written note, and how much it reflects on the person who wrote it to be thoughtful and considerate! Very interesting blog, feel free to check out mine and follow if you find it interesting. I just got started so it's a bit shaky but it's getting there (: