Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY Wedding

Crafty brides and those with tight budgets are turning to Do It Yourself projects when it comes to wedding preparation.  Small items like favours are often designed and assembled by the bride but larger-scale DIY elements are becoming more and more popular.  Being hands-on with your wedding planning can make your wedding even more special because you have spent so much of your own time and energy on preparing.  If you have the time and creativity, most parts of a wedding can be made DIY following these simple tips:                       
Be flexible:  You will encounter surprises, and as long as you can deal with the thought that your project may not go exactly as you plan, you are on the right track!  If you do not have a plan B, do not take on a DIY project.  For example, if you are planning to use flowers from your garden in an arrangement and they do not bloom in time, you will be running to the florist for flowers.  If you have a specific image in your mind of what your flowers, your cake, and your venue should look like; hire a professional to make absolute sure that your vision can be carried out.                      

Manage the logistics:  Little things that you will not think of will definitely pop up in every situation.  If you are creating your own invitations, make sure you can purchase envelopes that fit them properly.  If you are having a backyard wedding, you will need to think of things like permits, rain accommodations and electrical outlets.  Doing your own catering may require a food handler’s certificate.  Consider a consultation with a wedding coordinator to make sure your bases are covered.                      

Time management:  Do not pile on too many DIY projects for the day before the wedding.  Putting together flower arrangements, baking your own cake and decorating the venue will make for a very full (and possibly frustrating) day.  However, a few DIY projects that you can take on well ahead of the wedding won’t seem so overwhelming.                      

Assess the cost:  Sometimes a DIY project will save you hundreds of dollars, sometimes it will save fifty dollars, and sometimes it will cost more than hiring a professional that has all of the equipment and efficiency to complete your project.  Add up the numbers to make sure it’s worth your time and money before you start your project.                      

Skill:  A natural ability is important.  If you’ve never baked before and you want to make your wedding cake, either get in the kitchen and start practicing or call someone to help you out!  Practice ahead of time to ensure that things will go as planned.  And all the better if you have experience in a related field – if you are a graphic artist designing your own invitations or a restaurant manager planning your catering!                      

Do what you love: Don’t try to do an entirely DIY wedding – see above points on time management, logistics and skill – there is probably not enough time and you are probably not skilled at every element of wedding design.  Pick the projects that you want to work on yourself, that you will enjoy working on yourself, and delegate everything else by hiring companies or enlisting friends and family to help.                      

Know when to call in the professionals:  Some things you simply shouldn’t do yourself.  Photographers and videographers come with high quality equipment and experience to capture moments that your cousin with a camera may not be able to.  If you are catering your own meal or having the wedding at home, consider hiring help so that your family can relax and enjoy the wedding day instead of running around taking care of details. 

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