Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wedding Planner for the Unexpected Circumstances

Last night, Sears Kildonan Place held a night of games, prizes, and information for their gift registry department.  I went and spoke on wedding coordinators and green weddings, and had a great night with the ladies (and a couple guys).

As I was writing my little speech about wedding coordinators, I made a list of things that wedding coordinators do under the heading "take care of unexpected issues that come up."  And in every wedding, little things do come up.  Here's a list of things that I did this summer:

- Helped a queasy officiant with water and an exit strategy - she was sick on the wedding day.
- Showed up extra early at the church to make adjustments to the flowers - I used flowers I picked from gardens of my family and friends.
- Calmed a couple of super nervous grooms.
- Made sure a chatty bride always had a glass of water in her hand.
- Ushered when the ushers didn't show up on time.
- Fed crackers and water to a groomsman who fainted.
- Went to bat for a bride involved in a dispute with a vendor.
- Served champagne to a room full of wedding guests.
- Changed the timeline when the food was served late.

The list above is things that can't be planned, but occasionally happen.  Sometimes a delivery gets lost, a change needs to be made to the timeline, or a contract issue comes up.  These are unfortunate circumstances, but hiring a wedding coordinator can save you a lot of little headaches on your wedding day!

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nicole.shanowsky said...

Those are funny stories about the grooms! I am so used to hearing about "runaway brides" the nervousness the men must feel is often overlooked. Congrats on giving what sounds like (from your notes) an engaging and interesting speech! And those "I Do" cookies look delicious.