Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Featured Wedding Vendor: blf Studios

If you've read the last two posts, you've been looking at the fantastic photography of blf Studios.  When I met Bond a year ago at his home/studio, he opened the door wearing a hoodie and a hat, and immediately commented on the cold weather.  Now, it was chilly being November but...not that chilly (this is coming from a life-long Manitoban).  However, being new to Canada from South Africa, Bond is not used to the cold weather.  In fact, on October 19th, here's what he wrote on his blog:

"I say it’s always a good Monday when I wake up and there is no snow and it doesn’t feel like I might die if I go outside!  LOL!"

As you can tell, Bond is a great photographer with an equally great sense of humour.  And he incredibly kindly came and took photos of my tablescapes on a very chilly October day.  And he will make you look like a magazine-worthy model in your wedding photos.  Seriously.  Click over to his website to view more of his photos and book him for your wedding!

There's 2 more tables to blog about, and I'll probably get around to it sometime next week:)

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