Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best of Weddings 2009

As this year ends, I thought I would compile my personal Top Ten List for 2009:

1. Favourite wedding trend - Personalization.  It takes a bit of thoughtfulness, and I love it when couples use their story, their personalities and their hobbies to make their wedding unique.

2. Favourite colour combination - Turquoise and red. 

3. Other favourite colour combination - Seasonal.  I had two brides this past year that didn't have a very specific colour combination, they used flowers that were locally grown and in season, and that was the majority of the colour at their weddings.

4. Most thoughtful bride - I walked into a reception venue and found a basket of fruit, chocolate, and a kind note from the bride for myself and my team.

5. Word I wish would go away - Faux.  Why would you want fake flowers when you can have real flowers, styrofoam cake when you can have real cake, and vintage-inspired when you could walk into an antique store and find something that's actually vintage?  I don't get it!

6. Favourite favour - My couples were all about good favours this year, and my two favourites were bottles of homemade wine and jars of Manitoba honey.

7.  Best desserts - Variety.  I love the dessert tables that were popular in 2009.  A mix of cookies, cupcakes, cakes and squares ensured that every guest ate a dessert they enjoyed.  The best done dessert tables include varying heights and textures, a backdrop and cute signage.

8.  Low-key ceremonies - One of my couples got married at sunset.  There was no aisle, no formalities and no pressure.

9.  Choreographed dances - I used to think this was cheesy, but now I'm all for it.  There are some fantastic dance studios in Winnipeg that can help you put together a dance to "your" song.

10.  Top package - Partial Planning.  Most of the couples I have worked with have wanted a bit of help along the way, as well as the ever popular Day-Of Coordination.

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