Monday, December 7, 2009

Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Decorations

Yesterday, we took Miles on a hayride with my parents.  Part of the day included picking up a Christmas tree at a tree farm, and bringing it back to my parent's house.  Since then, I've been thinking about how to have an eco-friendly Christmas.  I haven't really even thought about Christmas this year, since I have a "don't love it? don't do it" policy - I don't love Christmas decorating, so I don't do it.  I don't love Christmas baking, so I don't bother.  The only part I really enjoy is Christmas shopping, and that's coming up in next week's post.

So, here are a my top five eco-friendly Christmas decorating tips:

1) Purchase your Christmas tree at a local farm rather than a big store where the trees have likely been trucked in from far away.  Better yet, buy a Christmas tree that comes in a pot that can be planted after the holidays (obviously, only if you have a yard).  We decorate a non-Christmas tree that lives in our home, although as I mentioned above, we're not real big Christmas people - I understand if you need a Christmas tree in your place to feel festive!

2)  Use decorations that can be used in the years to come.  I know you love purple. I know purple is one of the big colours this year.  In two years, it won't be.  Choose colours and styles that go with your home and your style, and are timeless rather than pieces that you will want to throw away next winter when they are no longer trendy.

3)  Homemade decor wins. Have kids? Even better.  Get out your craft supplies and go nuts.

4)  Locally made is a close second.  Craft shows, locally owned shops, and online stores such as Etsy (check out their local section for crafters in your region) are fantastic for finding good-quality decorations and supporting local business.

5)  Use less.  Eco-friendly advocates agree that although substituting our material things with greener alternatives is important, the biggest thing we can do for the environment is simple: use less stuff.  Purchase less decorations, and enjoy the ones you have.  Do you really need a blow up, light up, Santa Claus and reindeer on your roof?  If you are seriously asking yourself that question, please go back and read every single green living post I have written. :)

Any other eco-friendly decorating tips out there?

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