Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giving Back Around the World

I have been encouraged by several stories of people and businesses who are doing remarkable things in the world, so I want to share a few today:

I walked into Ten Thousand Villages last week on Thursday, and found items from Haiti prominently displayed, a video playing about Haiti, and they have generally made it really easy to support Haitians by purchasing their products.  In case you're not familiar, Ten Thousand Villages is a program run by the Mennonite Central Committee.  The MCC is a relief and development organization that helps after natural disasters among many, many other things.

This necklace is made by Ugandan women, from recycled magazine pages.  Right now, half their proceeds are going to Haiti.  This is amazing - Uganda is a poor country, and Ugandan women (who could likely use the funds) are giving a portion of their pay to help Haiti.  That's a beautiful sacrifice and is challenging me to think about how (and how much) I give.

Eco-Beautiful Weddings, which is one of my latest favourite blogs, is written by a woman named Katie Martin.  Katie used to be a missionary and has led many work teams to impoverished countries.  At the end of March, she is taking a team to the Dominion Republic, right across the border from Haiti (thousands of Haitians are fleeing to the DR) to do a work project.  I'm halfway SO excited for the team that is going, and halfway SO jealous that I'm unable to go.  Either way, I'm totally excited for the people that will be benefiting from this trip.  By the way, does anyone want to give me $500 to get me to Miami?  I can do the rest from there.  Ok, thanks:)

Toms Shoes is a shoe company in California, which was founded by an American traveling in Argentina.  Noticing that Argentinian children weren't wearing shoes, he started a really cool company - for every pair of shoes you buy, another pair of shoes goes to an Argentinian.  This pair is my favourite.

On the note of giving back, Welcome, Tía also has some good news coming soon. 

Anyone else seeing neat stories of giving?

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