Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome, Tía - Gift Boxes For Out Of Town Guests

Happy Monday! I'm excited to tell you about Welcome, Tía, which is the latest offering from With a Flourish.  As an event planner, I help clients plan thoughtful ways to make the wedding special for wedding guests.  Often, we put together welcome baskets and leave them in the hotel or guest room, for guests to open and enjoy.  I've been suggesting these since With a Flourish started in 2008.  Back in Fall, I was informed that Weddingbells magazine (which I advertise in), would be giving away various wedding products and services to their readers.  Of course, I jumped on board.  Unsure of what to give away, I remembered the popular out of town welcome basket, and decided to give away five welcome baskets.  Over the past few months, through talking with brides and developing the product, we moved from welcome baskets to welcome boxes.

Our gift boxes include: a bar of natural soap, luxurious hemp washcloth, wooden pen, notebook, four cookies, and one bag of coffee.  Each box also comes with a card, so that you can write a personal note to your guests.  Boxes ship closed, wrapped in coloured twine and embellished with a paper flower.

We're happy to take custom orders, and would love to help you personalize your gift boxes.

I hope you like them!  I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who gave feedback on the product, and to Nicole who designed the logo and Sam who put together the website.  Please send me an email and let me know what you think!


Cheryl said...

The gift boxes look great! And the website is amazing. Way to go!!

Family, Money and Stuff said...

Good job on the web-site, Sam. And the product is great. I love watching your biz growth. Good work!