Friday, May 7, 2010

Fair Trade Friday

Tomorrow is World Fair Trade Day!  I'm going to celebrate by going to Ten Thousand Villages, which will have live drumming, henna tattoos and other special events throughout the day.  There is a World Fair Trade Day website here, complete with articles and videos if you would like to learn more.  For the latest news in Manitoba Fair Trade products and stores, be sure to check out Fair Trade Manitoba.

If you are planning a wedding, there are several ways you can support fair trade through your planning.
Here's a few fair trade wedding tips:

Buy local whenever possible.  Local decor, food, candles, etc.
Skip the dollar store.  Purchase things like vases at thrift stores, borrow from friends, purchase from a store that supports fair trade artists, or rent.
Ask questions.  Ask the bridal shop if your dress was made in a factory that pays fair wages.  Ask your florist if the flowers for your wedding are fair trade certified. The more questions you ask, the more vendors know you're interested in fair trade wedding products.
Register at Ten Thousand Villages.  They have a great selection of items for your kitchen, furniture, and decor, and all artists are paid fair wages.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!

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