Monday, February 28, 2011

Springfield Tent Rentals

I have a bit of a plug today for a friend who I worked with at my previous job before With a Flourish.  Her husband has started a tent rental business, and if you have ever planned an outdoor event in Manitoba, you know we are in need of more modern tents.

If you're planning an outdoor wedding or event and looking for a tent, there is a great new company to check out.  Springfield Tent Rentals just launched to provide events with tents that are brand-new and beautiful.  Besides regular square and rectangle tents, Springfield Tent Rentals also rents round and oval tents for something a bit different.  Pricing starts at $195 ($600 for a 72-person tent), and includes installation and take-down.  Delivery is free delivery in the RM of Springfield, there is a $0.75/km charge (all four ways) for other locations.

Check out their website by clicking here!

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