Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FROGBOX Winnipeg

Todays post is a bit different, but relevant as so many of our couples move just before or after getting married!  FROGBOX is a new-to-Winnipeg company that rents reusable moving boxes.  Last year, I saw FROGBOX on the Dragon's Den, where they had probably the best presentation I've seen on the show.  I liked the straightforward, smart concept, and so did the dragons, as two of them are now investors.  Having moved 5 times in the past 6 years, I like the idea of anything that makes moving easier, and that's what FROGBOX is all about.

Here's how FROGBOX works:  You call them to rent boxes.  Here's a link to pricing in Winnipeg.  They deliver sturdy lightweight reusable plastic boxes with flip-top lids.  You move your stuff in them, and FROGBOX picks up the boxes at your new place.  Simple, right?  The last time I moved, I collected boxes in our storage room for a month beforehand, and then drove around town picking up extra boxes from friends.  After that, simple sounds pretty good to me!

Check out the FROGBOX Winnipeg website here.

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