Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Positivity and my First Flash Mob

Last week, I won a ticket to the Power of Positive on Kal Barteski's blog.  If you ever want to either be totally depressed about what you accomplish in a day or totally motivated to fit more (and more "bulletproof positive attitude" - Kal's words) into a day, you should read her blog at (i) love life.

Anyway, I was pretty nervous to go to this thing.  I don't normally like going places by myself, and I really had no idea what I was getting into, only that I'd be hearing Kal speak (she was amazing, by the way), and that there would be a flash mob in Portage Place Mall at the end. 

When I got there, fortunately I connected with a couple other ladies who were also there solo, which was great.  And the speakers talked about positivity in movement, creativity, giving, etc. which was very inspiring and a perfect kind of topic for me right now.

After the speakers was the flash mob.  Now...whenever I dance at weddings, my mother-in-law yells at me "move your hips! NO, your HIPS!!!!!" (my mother-in-law is great, by the way, and a good dancer herself)  and so I was quite nervous about the flash mob (I didn't actually end up moving my hips).  I had planned to join in the flash mob as late as possible, and as close to the back as possible.  But when we were waiting for it to start I happened to be talking with someone right up front and so when the music started I just jumped in behind her...which means I was in from the beginning, very close to the front.

And it was fun!   Really really fun to look and see people's confusing stares, and then watch them take out cell phones to videotape. 

The day was put on by the Happy Monkey Club, so it was fitting that the song was to the theme from the Monkees.  Check out their website for more information and videos!


Heidi said...

Sounds like a fun time! And what an interesting tidbit about your mother-in-law; I had no idea she was a good dancer. We'll have to put on some music at work and get down! :)


Jess Ehlers said...

Hey Heidi, I think music at work sounds like a great idea! I dance at work often, but lucky for everyone I work from home so nobody has to watch :)