Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vow Renewals?

Yesterday I was watching The View (not my regular tv programming, by the way, but a good distraction from the burn while working out), and the hosts were talking about vow renewals.  As with most topics, some (mainly one) person was all for the idea, and the others were against it.  Of course vow renewals are a huge celebrity trend, with some even doing a vow renewal every year.  People like Heidi Klum and Seal even had theme vow renewals - a wedding theme, white trash theme, etc.  Many of the celebrities they listed are now divorced, but some, like the Victoria and David Beckham, are still together.  

I've heard some of the pros and cons and I'm wondering what you think.  Some people think it's romantic and especially nice to do after there are kids around and they can be part of it, and a great way to celebrate a significant anniversary or have a wedding if the first wedding wasn't done as you'd hoped (for example if you eloped and now want a larger wedding).  Other people think once is enough and to renew is a sign the marriage is on shaky ground.

My husband and I have been married almost 7 years and a vow renewal is nowhere in our future, but I can understand why some couples choose to renew.  In fact, I've worked with couples who were looking forward to their vow renewal before their wedding even took place!

I'm curious, what do you think?  Would you (or have you) renew your vows?



From The Heart Online said...

We've discussed it, and concluded it's not something we would do.

To renew the vow, to us implies the possibility of it having become outdated or forgotten. To renew it seems to make light of the vow in the first place.

As far as it being romantic, that's totally subjective. We're not uber sentimental, so it holds no appeal for us...

Jess Ehlers said...

Thanks for the comment Kim! You make good points, and it's so true that romance is subjective...hmmm...there's a good blog post idea, thanks :)