Thursday, July 26, 2012

In Adagio &

Yesterday, I finally took in a Fringe show and went to see In Adagio at the wag.  It's about two opera singers in France in the 60s, and got great reviews.  I really enjoyed it.  Here's the link to more information, and there are still two more shows if you're interested!

Well, I promised you some eye candy today, and I'm going to give it to you but you'll have to click for it.  :) Have those of you who are planning weddings been on yet?  I think of as the prettier, more refined, wedding-obsessed cousin to Pinterest.  It has thousands of photos, a great search tool, and you can bundle or love your favourite photos, and best of all, they are all wedding related.  Some of the photos have a "buy" symbol, which makes it super easy to purchase something if you want to.

So click on over to and have a wonderful Thursday!

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