Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chevron Photoshoot, Part 1

Well, y'all.  Let's start with the important thing: Why isn't y'all a word here?  I've been trying to throw it into conversations all Summer, and it just doesn't seem to be catching on.  Y'all need to help me out here, ok?

Anyway, on to the real important stuff.  We're so excited that a photoshoot we did in Summer was featured on Style Me Pretty Canada earlier this week. We used chevron fabrics, wooden boxes, and Farmer's Market flowers for a bold and botanical look.  We did a head table and dessert table setup, today I'll be sharing the head table and tomorrow I'll share the dessert table.

Thanks to Erin Alexander for offering her studio and taking these amazing photos, Accessible Elegance for the chivari chairs, Paper Airplanes for the amazing stationery, and Dream Day Decorators for the tablecloths and charger plates.

chevron wedding

chevron wedding

chevron wedding

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Winnipeg wedding decor
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Winnipeg wedding decoratorsChevron wedding

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned tomorrow for our delicious dessert table!


Amanda Douglas said...

Oh this is wonderful, I love it! Well done!!

Jess Ehlers said...

Thank you very much!