Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday - For the Guys

Photo: EPH Apparel

Girls looking for their wedding dresses have quite the experience - there are piles of stores to hit, and people that expect to come voice their opinion and support the bride as she makes her choice.  For men, tux rentals or suit shopping is much different - meet at the store, get fitted, and leave.  Most guys don't love the process (although some do), and it's often left until late in the planning process.

And so I was very excited to meet EPH Apparel, a custom suit company that makes finding your perfect suit easy and fun (yes, fun)!  Their space is welcoming, and the groom and his men can come in and choose fabrics and colours and every detail, and get measured for their custom suits, which come at great prices.  They have thousands of options, in fantastic colours and styles, but make it simple for you to make your decisions.

If your groom is looking for his wedding attire, be sure to check out EPH Apparel's website for more information!

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