Monday, March 4, 2013

Throw an Awesome Launch Party!

A launch party is a great way to promote your new business and make a great first impression.  Here's a few of our top tips for making it a success:

1.  Consider your brand.  If you're a luxury business, hold your party in a high end establishment.  If you run a business that caters to children, consider a park or a party room.  If you want your launch party to attract neighbouring businesses, hold it during lunch, coffee break, or just after work hours.  If it makes more sense to have only media there, have a super special "media launch".

2.  Collaborate.  Since you're a new business, collaborating is a great way to get more guests to your party...if you have live entertainment, a caterer, etc., they can invite their connections to the party as well.  If you're opening a coffee shop, you could invite a local artist to display their art, etc.

3.  Create an experience.  Live music, specialty drinks, entertainment such as a wandering magician or artist give people something to talk about.  If you're in the sports industry, consider getting a couple pro-athletes from your city to come.  If you're in fashion, have a fashion show or models wearing your designs.

4.  Educate your guests.  You want them to learn all about your new business, so be sure to have great materials for them to take, do a live demo or short presentation to make sure everyone knows exactly what you do, so they can go out and share with everyone they know. 

5.  Contact the media.   If you can get a writeup in the paper or a spot on the news or radio, that is great advertising, and be sure to hype up your event!  Don't forget about bloggers, there are probably a few in your city or industry that have large followings.  Try to get personal RSVP's.  And be sure to send out a reminder before the event.  And p.s, good food and drinks is always, always a good hook :).

What are we missing?  What are your tips for throwing a launch party?