Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Timeline Tuesday - Part 6 The week before the wedding!

It's a beautiful Tuesday out there and for all you brides getting close to your wedding day, or saving these lists for next year, I'm so glad that they were useful to so many of you.  Part 5  can be found here, and for today please enjoy your checklists covering the week before the wedding up until the wedding day.  Next week I'll be back with some of my tips for putting together your wedding day timeline.

1 Week Before:
       Finalize timeline for wedding day.  Provide vendor specific timelines along with an emergency cell phone number.  Include location directions for vendors who may not be familiar with the area.
       Coordinate pickups for guests arriving by airport.
       Give your caterer the final headcount.
       Confirm addresses and pickup times with transportation.
       Make sure you’ve taken care of all final vendor payments.
       Call everyone in your wedding party, make sure everyone has the right date and time and directions.
       Verify with the site manager that vendors will have time and space to set up.
       Work out time and location with photographer.
       Work out time and location with videographer.
       Confirm with the musicians on time and location.
       Confirm with baker and confirm cake size, delivery time, date and location.
       Confirm arrangement count, details, delivery time, date and location with the florist.  There may be more than one location.
       Confirm honeymoon and wedding night reservations.

2-3 Days Before:
       Make copies of detailed wedding timeline for all attendants.
       Groom should take care of final fitting and pick up formal wear.
       Have the best man make sure all the groomsmen pick up their attire.
       Prepare toasts for rehearsal dinner and reception.
       Make sure you’re packed for the honeymoon.
       Finalize rehearsal dinner.
       Deliver table numbers, favours, etc. to decorators.
       Assemble welcome baskets.
       Confirm hair and makeup appointments.
       Get a manicure and pedicure.

The Day Before:
       Make sure your travel plans are in order.
       Prepare final payments for vendors, arrange to have them paid.
       Calculate vendor tips, put tips in envelopes.  These are usually handed out by the best man.
       Double check dress, shoes and accessories all together.
       Bring your ceremony accessories to the location.
       Have the rehearsal at the ceremony location.
       Give the best man an envelope containing the officiants fee with instructions to hand it to the officiant after the ceremony.
       If you plan on having wedding announcements mailed, arrange for someone to mail them the day after the wedding.
       Make plans for someone to return rental items the first weekday after the wedding.
       Make plans for someone to have the bride’s dress cleaned, and return the groom’s tux.
       Get some rest!

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