Sunday, July 20, 2008

Donate Your Wedding Flowers to a Good Cause

Meeting with the florist is one of my favourite parts of wedding planning. A good florist is creative and resourceful. Florists often see beauty in everything, and desire to create something new and unique with every arrangement. Flowers make a wedding elegant, fun, and personal. They are enjoyed by all on the wedding day. But what happens to flowers after the wedding? I have heard of family members who have had 20 flower centrepieces sitting in their house after the wedding cleanup. I understand that you may want to honour family members by giving them some of the flowers from your wedding. By all means, give them a centrepiece. Please, don't give them 20! Instead, consider the following...

After the wedding, your flowers can be given to hospital patients, so that they may enjoy your flowers long after the wedding is over. Your kind gesture may make someone's day, or may even be a highlight of their hospital visit! Included in our packages is a service that allows With a Flourish to stop by the reception hall or a family member's home the day after the wedding, to pick up the flowers. I take the flowers as they are, create bouquets with them and distribute to the Health Sciences Centre. Attached to each bouquet is a note which reads: "These flowers are a gift from the wedding of [Bride's name] and [Groom's name], delivered by With a Flourish. We wish you a wonderful day."

If you are not using the coordination services of With a Flourish, but you would like to donate your flowers to patients at the hospital, please email For a small fee (usually about $20) I would be happy to create bouquets and distribute your flowers, so that they may have a second life and brighten someone's day.

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