Friday, August 1, 2008

New Business Cards!

Yesterday, I walked downtown for a meeting. About a block into my walk, a UPS truck drove by. I knew that my business cards were scheduled to arrive, so I turned around and ran home, only to watch the truck drive past. So, I re-started my walk, and made it to the exact same spot, a block away from home, when another UPS truck drove by. Again, I turned around and ran home, and this time, caught the UPS man on his way out of the truck with my package - business cards and letterhead are here! I keep checking my business card holder, to make sure that the cards really are inside of it. These cards look fantastic and it is thanks to Tony Szydlik, a designer in Ottawa, who designed the logo, business cards, and letterhead.

If you still have one of my old business cards, please call me and I will send over some new cards. I also plan to invade bakeries, photographer studios, florists and every other wedding related business I can find over the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait to get these brand new cards into your hands!

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