Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Websites

I get quite a few calls from people who don't live in Winnipeg, but are getting married here. I think (surprise surprise) that it is an especially a great idea to hire a wedding coordinator for people don't live in Winnipeg, because it helps to eliminate the pressure put on family and friends who would otherwise be checking out locations, and making phone calls for the wedding while also having their own busy lives to lead.

I wanted to point out that included in the full coordination package that With a Flourish offers, a wedding website will be set up for the bride and groom. This is especially useful for couples who live out of province, or who have lots of wedding guests who live out of province. It is a one-stop place on the internet for guests to get wedding information, and RSVP to the wedding. It makes it really easy for myself as the coordinator to check in on budget information and RSVPs, without having to send back and forth a spreadsheet, or a bunch of small emails. The service that I often use is Wedding Window, but there are many other companies that do wedding websites.

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