Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miles Turns One

Miles, my son turned 1 last week. I can't believe that one year ago, I had just graduated university, my husband worked a very different job than he does now, I worked a different job than I am now (after Miles was born, I went back to work for 7 months and Sam was a stay-at-home dad), and With a Flourish was just a faint glimmer of a dream.

Now we have a growing business and a happy toddler playing at my feet who knows the actions to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and feel very blessed.
Here are a couple of pictures of Miles at his birthday party.

Standard one year old cake shot:

Miles opened the first present, and that was as long as his attention span lasted. Luckily, his four year old cousin was willing to help with the gift unwrapping.

Here we are after the party was finished. It is nearly 10:30 pm, so Miles is all played out and Sam can muster no more than a fake smile. Miles painted the pictures behind our heads.

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