Saturday, November 8, 2008

Featured Wedding Vendors: Off the Page Photography & Photos by Krista

On the Weddings in Winnipeg website, I am submitting one article per month on wedding planning. The first article was on venues, and the second article, on photographers, comes out next week. In each of these articles I plan to interview two businesses, and for the photography article I spoke with Patty of Off the Page Photography and Krista of Photos by Krista. The articles are designed to assist brides in finding a wedding photograher, and they are meant to be pretty much objective. My blog, however, is by no means objective, so I'm going to plug Off the Page and Photos by Krista for a minute or two.

I feel a sense of loyalty towards Patty of Off the Page because, back in Spring when I was trying to meet as many wedding industry professionals as possible, Patty was the first photographer I contacted, and she welcomed me into her studio for a cup of tea and some great business advice. And yes, Patty (if you're reading), I have applied that advice to With a Flourish!

I know how much Krista of Photos by Krista loves her job by the number of exclamation marks she uses in her emails. One of few business owners that I have come across that likes to talk on the phone (most prefer email), I've enjoyed getting to know Krista over our few conversations. Krista is flexible and helpful and I am really looking forward to meeting her in person!

Thank you both for your contributions to the article and my business :)

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Crystal said...

I haven't had the privilege of meeting Krista yet, but Patty is absolutely fabulous!