Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little Bit of Retro Wedding Inspiration

Whenever my husband sees me on Martha Stewart Weddings, he heaves an exaggerated sigh and asks "how much pastel can you take?" (by the way, our wedding colours were light blue and light purple). While I certainly think pastels are beautiful and have a well-deserved place in wedding decor, this featured wedding caught my attention with its bright colours and beautiful patterns. Check out Lena & Joshua's real wedding for some retro inspiration. This is a wedding I wish I was cool enough to have had for myself. I can totally imagine going to the thrift store and picking up some vintage curtains or tablecloths and creating a background for pictures. Brilliant!

Pictures of Lena and Joshua's wedding inspired me to take a look around Ebay, and here are some funky vintage fabrics that I found:

Affordable, unique, and eco-friendly. What could be better?

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Crystal said...

I love that - pastels have their place but it's always so fun to see couples try something more unique!