Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Good Day for With a Flourish

Lots of updates to bring to you today:

I received my copy of Wedding Bells Magazine yesterday, and saw my very first magazine ad ever! I think it looks great, and of course it is all thanks to my friend Nicole (who also designed the website, by the way). The picture is from Photos by Krista, so thanks Krista for letting us use your work in the ad!

Today, the With a Flourish facebook page will launch. Why bother with yet another webpage, you ask? Well, because although blogging works well for what it's intended (bringing you news, ideas and pictures FAST), the more I write, the further down the page you have to read to get to everything. So, the Facebook group will be a place to check out the most important information, and it will always be right in front of your eyes. It's also a great network tool, as everyone else on facebook already knows. :)

There is one week left to get your nominations in to give someone a wedding planner for Christmas. A quick recap: You write me an email (, nominating someone you know who NEEDS a wedding planner. I read over the nominations, pick one and give away a free wedding planning package. So far, a couple of wonderful emails have come in; keep them coming! For more information, scroll down a few posts.

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nicole.shanowsky said...

Thanks for the props! Can't wait to see all the exciting new things (on top of all your already numerous achievements!) up ahead for you and With a Flourish in 2009. I'll be sure to check in here for updates--as well as the Facebook page :)