Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wedding Coordination Winners - Jenn & Josh

It's December 23rd, and I have been looking forward to this day for the past couple of weeks. Today is the day that I announce which couple I will be working with to plan their wedding, free of charge. This promotion was available to people who wouldn't otherwise hire a wedding planner, but could really use the help of a planner to work out the details, give suggestions and help organize the event. So, congratulations to Jenn & Josh, who will receive a wedding planning package, as well as a couple of other perks like a copy of the Wedding Inspiration Journal.

The nomination was submitted by Char, a friend and youth leader to Jenn and Josh when they were in high school. She describes them as a wonderful couple that "could use some help throughout the planning process so they are not overwhelmed, and so they are able to both enjoy the process and one another during the process." A unique family situation has left Jenn with a lot of wedding decisions to make, without a lot of guidance and experience from those around her. And that's where With a Flourish comes in!

I think that Char hit on one of the big reasons that people hire a wedding planner, which is so that the couple can enjoy each other while planning for the wedding. If you know that you will be stressed out by wedding planning and that it might be a strain on your relationship, why not call a wedding coordinator? I'll help with the wedding plans, and you can concentrate on starting your marriage together, which is the most important part anyway!

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