Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! I'm off to a slow start today, after a late night playing games at a friend's place. It's 12:30 pm and Miles is still asleep, I'm working on my morning coffee and getting down to work. I've got an article to write for Weddings in Winnipeg, a phone meeting with a client to prepare for, and a Wonderful Wedding Show booth to put together. A busy day. Just the way I like it.

Like most people on New Year's Eve, I've come up with a few goals for the next year. I'm a checklist kind of person. It will give me great enjoyment to check these items off my list in 2009:

Work Goals:
-Grow, grow, grow! I'd like to watch this little business reach its capacity.
-Blog twice a week.

-Read to Miles more.
-Keep work at work and spend more designated time with my family.
-Learn to bake bread.
-Switch to a lot more organic foods.
-Finish up my Spanish CD's (I've been on lesson 12 out of 30 for the past 6 months).
-Learn to cook 2 new meals a month.

Leave a comment and share some of your own New Year's resolutions! And hold me to my resolution to blog twice a week by commenting every once in a while:)


Gwendelyne said...

Those are great resolutions Jess! I'm excited to read the upcoming blog posts. I'm still working on my resolutions, though #1 is less TV.

Anonymous said...

It is the 6th today so I hope to see a new blog post in the next couple of days. You are doing great and I am so excited to see your business grow like you desire it to...-Crystal-