Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful Wedding Show 2009

Today is my rest day. The wedding show went well and I am excited to meet with a few couples later in the week. Right now I am scheduling meetings for Wednesday and Thursday evenings for the next couple of weeks, so please send me an email and we will set something up!

Stay tuned this week for blog posts on:

-Instructions on how to make a wedding tree similar to the one in my booth.
-An updated post on the Wedding Inspiration Journal.
-Links to the wonderful people in the booths around With a Flourish at the show.


Lisa Gillespie said...

Wow Jess, your booth looks amazing! Curtis had helped you with that, right?

Crystal said...

That tree was fabulous, I can't wait to see the how to! Congratulations on a great first show! I caught your CTV interview to, you did really well!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice photo of the display, however Pictures never do justice to the real thing. You did a wonderful job on your booth Jess, and on the news highlight.

Well done :)