Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wonder Wedding Show 2009 - The Tree

I know that a lot of people went home with pictures of the tree that was in my booth, and I know that cell phone pictures aren't always the best, so if you're looking to try out a similar design, here's how we made the tree:

I found the tree (which is a branch) on the ground in the Fall, and my husband loaded it up in the car along with the rest of our "finds" and it sat in our living room for 4 months. Our friend used plaster of paris to set the tree in the basket. He actually set the tree in a plastic bag, so after the wedding show he was able to pull the tree and the plaster out of the basket, and our friend got his basket back. We used a 2 kg box of plaster, which was heavy enough but not big enough to fill the basket, so there were a couple of inches of glass beads on top.

The hanging candle holders were borrowed, but similar candle holders can be purchased at many home decor stores. They were simply wired to the tree.

The beads were purchased from a craft store, and tied onto transparent thread and then tied on to the tree.

The ribbon roses were made with a similar process to the video link below. It's ten minutes long, but it only takes about 4 minutes to catch on. It's also kind of entertaining, if you watch it with volume on:) To finish the roses, we pushed a safety pin up through the bottom, added three seed beeds and pushed the pin down to the bottom and closed the pin. If I did it again, I would use transparent thread to secure the rose, and then use the thread to tie the rose to the tree.

Hope this helps a bit, and please email with questions!

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Crystal said...

that's actually a pretty decent picture for a cell phone - I love this project!