Friday, March 6, 2009

Manitoba Fair Trade Challenge

Only 8 days left in the Manitoba Fair Trade Challenge, which asked participants to pledge to drink fair trade coffee and tea, and eat fair trade chocolate for 30 days, beginning on Valentine's Day. I've been pretty good. At home we only buy fair trade coffee and tea, so that's easy. Away from home, it gets tricky. Tim Hortons is not fair trade, so I haven't gone there (a big accomplishment for me!). Second Cup serves fair trade and Starbucks serves fair trade if you ask for it. What I really really want is a cup of hot chocolate, but my local grocery store doesn't sell fair trade chocolate, and Ten Thousand Villages is a pretty far drive from where I live. Next time I'm in the area, I will definitely stop by to pick up a tin of hot chocolate, as pictured above. Is anyone else doing the Fair Trade Challenge? Anyone have any tips on other coffee shops or stores that sell fair trade tea, coffee and chocolate?


Yessica said...

I hadn't heard of it, it sounds interesting though. Maybe next year.

Kenzie Prudhomme said...

Nabob is a fair trade brand believe it or not!

Heidi - Botanical PaperWorks said...

I've had the dark chocolate hot chocolate mix from Ten Thousand Villages (Christmas gift from a friend) and it's delicious! No sacrifice for fair trade being made there!!