Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featured Wedding Vendor: Cakes by Shelley

I am excited to launch my Preferred Vendors List next month. Over the past year I have met and worked with many wonderful people that I recommend to my clients, and I am currently working on putting together a list of these businesses. Many of the businesses on the list are green, and many of the business owners have helped me along in my new business. I have no doubt that I have met some of the most talented and encouraging people in the Winnipeg wedding industry, and I am excited to share a bit of information about them on Tuesdays over the next few months.

Today, our feature vendor is Cakes by Shelley.

When Shelley launched her website in February 2008, she received immediate response. A spot on Breakfast Television was followed by a full wedding season. And it's no surprise to anyone who has met Shelley or seen her cakes - she is dedicated, friendly, and creative. Shelley's love for cakes and coming up with a new idea shine through in person and on her blog. A few details: Shelley uses natural ingredients wherever possible and limits artificial dyes as much as possible. She offers gluten free, diabetic & organic options, and has plans to introduce an organic cake line. I have not tried a Cakes by Shelley cake, but I have had cupcakes and they were delicious! Here are a few photos of her cakes:

See more on the website, including flavours and pricing. You can even order cakes for special occasions or no occasion (who needs an occasion to eat cake?!) online. If you would like professional yet personal service and a beautiful cake, Cakes by Shelley just might be the cake designer for you:)

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