Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Featured Wedding Vendor: Summer Bounce Entertainment

If you are going to several socials or weddings this year, you are likely to come across Summer Bounce Entertainment. Summer Bounce is an interactive DJ company, and they sent me a dvd of them in action several months ago which really impressed me. I think they might even be able to get a dance floor - shy girl like me out on the floor! They can lead dances and get out on the floor themselves, encouraging guests to dance but it seems to me that they've found the right balance of being interactive but never "in-your-face."

I met DJ Brenton and his wife, Candice who own the company at the wedding show and then for dinner a month or so later. They told me about how they constantly train employees, what they look for in a DJ and taught me a bit about using technology to help my business. They are obviously staying on top of (or ahead of) new ideas in the DJ industry.

A few of their great ideas:
Their website. It is easy to navigate, and everything can be done online. Choose songs that you definitely want or definitely don't want played, request a phone call, or make a payment.
Groom's Workshop. This is a workshop only for men, and covers things like asking your new wife to dance, making a heartfelt speech and provides ideas of ways for men to help with the planning and little surprises that he can do on the wedding day.
If you are looking for a DJ, click on over to Summer Bounce Entertainment!

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Crystal said...

Brenton is fantastic! I have had the pleasure of working with him on a few non-wedding events and at the Steinbach wedding shows. Definitely - if you want a first class DJ, Brenton is it!