Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready for 2009

I scheduled to spend this week at home with two goals:

#1. Spend time with my son.

#2. Prepare for/get into a routine for wedding season.

Fulfilling goal #1 is pretty simple. Miles and I have had a blast and our week has included a trip to the mall specifically to ride the escalators and terrorize the McNally Robinson kids section, stood on the windowsill (him, not me) for hours watching cars pass by, and we'll hopefully take a trip to the Children's Museum tomorrow, if I can get my car out of our snow-drifted parking lot.

Goal #2 has been a lot more productive than I could have thought. I've read a book about business branding, prepared a list to help me keep on top of daily tasks, and come up with a routine that should allow me to see my family and have a full wedding season, which I am hoping for (but I'm not booked up yet, so give me a call!). The very best part, though, has been staying up until 2am every night coming up with ideas to grow my business and collaborate with other eco-event companies. I wish I didn't think best at midnight, but I do, and this week, I embraced that.

I'm excited. I feel ready and energized to take on Wedding Season 2009.

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Heidi - Botanical PaperWorks said...

Sounds like a very productive week, Jess, both personally and professionally. I admire your energy and enthusiasm and have no doubt that 2009 wedding season will be nothing short of spectacular!