Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Flower Donation Program

The very first thing I did to advertise With a Flourish was to write an article for Weddings in Winnipeg about the flower donation program that we offer. I thought it would take several months of advertising for me to get a phone call, and perhaps I'd have a serious inquiry by January. I was shocked to get not one but four phone calls the day after the article ran. In August.

Flower donation is something that people have seen over the past 10 months as being something simple and inexpensive that they can do to help spread their wedding joy. I've had a few dates on my calendar for flower donation for nearly a year already, but I do have some 2009 days still available, both for wedding coordination and for flower donations. Please contact us to arrange a pickup, and read this article for more information about the flower donation program.

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