Sunday, May 24, 2009


I can be a bit of a luddite. I don't do anything with my cell phone except call people, and besides writing word documents, checking my email, and google searches, I don't know how to work my computer. Last week I changed the batteries in our wireless mouse several times before my husband told me that the problem wasn't the mouse - our computer was turned off. Honestly, if Sam wasn't so technologically inclined and our computer broke down I would sooner walk half an hour every day to use the computer at the library than try to fix it on my own. I thought myspace was a waste of time, facebook was a waste of time, and twitter was a waste of time.

Despite my resistance, and I know I'm about a year late here, I've seen the benefits of twitter and have gone and set up an account. I'm going to do my best to be interesting and consistently updating. And, if my computer breaks or I forget to turn it on, I'll be "tweeting" from the library:)

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