Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Minute Wedding Details

When I got married, I spent the days before the wedding running around doing last minute errands, decorating for the ceremony and reception and sleeping very little. Relatives were in town from across Canada, and besides a quick "hellothanksforcoming" at the wedding, I didn't see them at all. My maid-of-honour, soon-to-be husband, parents and in-laws were also running around, and although I loved it, I wish I'd been able to take some of the pressure off my family, and had a chance to visit with the out-of-town guests. The truth is, the last minute details took a lot longer than I bargained for, and I wasn't in the planning industry at the time so I certainly didn't have the experience or education that I do now!

If you are planning a wedding for this summer, you are likely starting to get into planning the details. We at With a Flourish offer a nice little service where we help out for the month before the wedding. We can take care of any details you'd like to throw our way, put together a wedding day timeline, help with decorating, give any last minute guidance and coordinate the wedding day if you'd like! We'd love to get together for a cup of coffee and chat about your wedding plans and how we can help you get rid of some of the stress of wedding planning and take care of those last minute details and decorating so you can do things like visit with out of town guests and get some sleep before your big day!

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