Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

If you were to hang out with my family, one of the first things you would notice is that Sam is a SuperDad. He dove right into fatherhood 20 months ago (like there is a way to ease into it!) and has settled into a wonderful routine. Miles adores his dad and Sam is even teaching him Spanish - my one year old is more bilingual than I am! As a stay-at-home Dad, Sam is able to be here so that I can be everywhere else, working the strange hours that I work. When I'm home to witness the every day goings-on, I just smile all day. My two men read, draw on the chalkboard and do their "touchdown dance" together, chatting away in Spanish, and when Sam brings out the vacuum cleaner, Miles brings out his little popper vacuum cleaner and helps out. There is lots of tackling, lots of toy car crashing and lots of laughter. They are so in tune that sometimes when Miles does something bad, he puts himself in time-out without Sam sending him there!

I know that I am very blessed, and when people make comments about how being a mom means cold dinners, piles of housework, and no sleep, I just smile. I ate about half of my dinners cold, woke up early about half the time, and the real kicker - I don't actually do much housework (although cooking is all mine)!

Thanks Sam for everything that you do and for the really really great Dad that you are!


Sam said...

Thanks, Jezza. Te amo.

Cheryl said...

Great post Jess. Priceless pictures, I especially love the last one.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband Jess. I agree, I think Sam is a wonderful father, he and Miles seem to be doing very well together!