Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Decor Inspiration Part 4 - Wild with Colour

When Sam and I went to create our gift registry before our wedding, we had the huge task of picking items for our new home. Having never really decorated a living space before, colour was the biggest question. We wanted something simple that we would be able to add to over the years, and ended up with two colours: blue and brown. Our couch is brown, our chair is brown, and our area rug, pillows and drapes were all the same shade of blue. I was afraid to add any other colours and any pattern at all to our rooms, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with the wedding gifts we received that didn't fit our colour scheme - where should I put those orange coasters? What about the beautiful pottery vase that has green in it? So I moved those things around - our bedroom became the home for all of the colours that were not blue and brown. Over the years though I've become more confident with colour and pattern and things that don't quite match - in fact, I like things that are a bit eclectic. It all started with the green wall which you can see in this post or in the background of my promo video, and I've been adding to it over time with red and teal and gold and green. And the orange coasters are proudly in the living room!

The same fear of colour is often present while planning for a wedding. Couples think they have to pick one strong colour and one neutral colour. Not so! You can have as many colours in the room as you would like, as long as it is done properly.

Two Tips:

1. If you want colour but you're nervous, incorporate the colour in the flowers. But please never use flowers that are grown one colour but have been dyed a different colour - if you want blue and your option is to have your roses dyed blue or use hydrangea's (which are naturally blue), use hydrangea's instead - it will look more natural because it is more natural!

2. If have colours and ideas in mind but you're not sure how to put it all together, work with a decorator, wedding planner or florist - this is a case where it is best to call in the professionals!

Photos today are events from Colin Cowie, celebrity wedding planner:


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