Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding Decor Inspiration Part 1 - Less is More

My very favourite decor projects are those that are on one end of the extreme - very minimalist or very layered, very monochrome or very colourful. So in the next four blog posts, I'm going to provide photos and a few tips for these four categories, starting with:

Minimalist Decor - Less is More

1. Since you will be using less decor materials, add interest by using unique shapes, styles & sizes. One of my brides for next summer had the idea to use glass bottles as vases in the centrepieces - they'll be technically free (as long as the couple isn't buying bottles of whiskey and downing them for the purpose of good decor) :) and really unique. Brilliant.

2. The little things add up: Add small items of interest, like a single flower or pattern in an unexpected place.

3. Texture. Since you're having less layers, go for high quality linens and mix up the textures so the room doesn't look too plain.

4. Natural Ingredients. Sticks, flowers, and fruit really pop against a simple backdrop.

Here's a little bit of inspiration for a minimalist wedding:


Anonymous said...

Is the picture in the upper right corner a favor? I like the idea, simple and practical, and pretty all in one. Rare. I love it.


Sam said...


It is a favour, and I like your description of the idea:) I'm pretty sure it would be tea inside of the bag, but not entirely sure.