Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding Decor Inspiration Part 2 - More is More

3 tips for a luxurious wedding: Height, Light, and Extra Special Details.

Height: Tall centrepieces, and lights or flowers hanging from the ceiling add drama. Decor at different heights is one of the least expensive with the most impact ways to decorate a room. Tall centrepieces are most functional when they do not obstruct the view of the guests at the table, for example a very thin vase with a large bouquet over head level when guests are sitting at the table.

Light: Options for lighting are vast, from gently washing the room in colour to projecting patterns on the wall. Lighting makes simple white decor look glamourous and illuminates key elements like the head table or cake table. It is a simple addition to a room and makes a huge difference.

Extra Special Details: Don't forget about the small but personal touches. Name the tables after your favourite movies, serve a signature drink or place flowers on the plates.

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