Thursday, August 20, 2009

Four Years Ago Today, I Got Married

Almost exactly 7 years ago, I met my husband. I use the word "met", loosely. We were standing in line for supper at summer camp. As I scanned the crowd looking for a friend, my eyes briefly caught the incredibly bright hazel-y eyes of the guy behind me. Although I'd never talked to him, we'd been at camp several years together. The one thing I remember is that one year he made a pair of glasses out of plexiglass and mesh, and wore them to lunch. And sat at my table.

In September, when school started, I told a couple of my friends about this guy with awesome eyes, and one of my friends happened to know his name and have his email address. So I wrote an email to Sam, who wrote back. He lived in Winnipeg, I lived near Steinbach. Very quickly, my favourite part of the day became writing emails with Sam. We met in person in November. Sam was there over the computer to hear about school, friends, work, and life. When my then-boyfriend told me he wouldn't have very much time for me for the next few months because he was going to be playing a lot of strategy know, like Risk?... Sam was the first one I told. And, because he's such a nice guy, Sam told me that my boyfriend was very nice, and I should stick it out. And because Sam was such a darn nice guy, we started dating soon after the strategy games talk, and inevitable breakup with then-boyfriend.

We got engaged after Sam spent a summer in Quebec enrolled in Military training, planning to move to Alberta with the Army. In case you're not a frequent reader, Sam isn't with the Military anymore, and is now a stay-at-home dad/caretaker. He loves his job. When we got engaged I was in University hoping to become a teacher. And in case you're not a frequent reader, I'm not a teacher (and I also love my job)!

Four years ago today, we got married on a cold, windy, misty day, pretty much like today's weather. Although our wedding was great, being married is even greater. We kept forgetting that our anniversary was coming up this year, and now that it's here we're going to be pretty low-key and go out for supper. It's a good time to reflect on where we've come from, where we're going, and give each other a high-five (and maybe some flowers??) to four wonderful years and the rest of our lives.

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Mathieu said...

Wow! Happy anniversary! Crazy how fast 4 years past by! Sam does have beautifull eyes... ;) Grrr.