Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Featured Winnipeg Business: Freelance Assistant

This post pertains more to the business side of With a Flourish than the sit-in-pajamas-and-read Martha Stewart Weddings side, but unfortunately paperwork and details are part of owning a business.

Fortunately, there is software available to keep me on track, but because most wedding planning software is American designed, here in Canada my option is to use Canadian accounting software and an American program to keep track of everything else business related. However, there is good news! Avenir IT, which is a Winnipeg based IT support company owned by my friend Mathieu Manaigre, has recently created a Canadian program called Freelance Assistant that is so simple even I can use it. It is a single entry system, perfect for small business owners, and has received great reviews from business owners and bookkeepers. It's not wedding specific, but the tools make it possible for me to keep track of more than simply finances, my favourite being that I can keep notes on weddings - my couples are listed by name and not just by number, and I can store all their wedding information on Freelance Assistant. It's also hosted online, which means that I can check my account from any computer with internet, and my bookkeeper or employees could have access with a password.

If you are a new or existing business looking for a new way to keep organized, please check out Freelance Assistant. Also, if you need small business or at home computer support, contact Avenir IT. Mathieu is truly fantastic with computers and has saved mine more than once :)

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