Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Wedding Reception Card Boxes

I can admit that one of my least favourite decor items at most weddings (although not ones that I plan!) is the vessel used to collect envelopes, usually on or near the guest book table. I'm just not a fan of white satin mailboxes, birdcages, or anything with tulle hot-glued onto it.

I prefer to use out of the ordinary containers like tins, baskets, or unique vases, hopefully something unique that doesn't scream I hope there's some cash in that envelope and matches the theme of the wedding.
Here are a few items that could be re-purposed into a card box:

A Vintage Bread Box, from Grace Art and Antiques:

Antique cake box from Steptoes Vintage Wares:

Queens of Vintage:

Lunch Kit from Feather Your Nest:

Retro Vase from Steptoes Vintage Wares:

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